The Program


Partner with Youth Centers that meet our expectations.  We will identify and partner with select youth centers that meet the following standards: 

  1. Demonstrated commitment to equity and excellence.  This means a powerful physical fitness program where all children feel equal and included, regardless of race, color, gender, or socioeconomic status.  
  2. Powerful mentoring program.  The youth center has an established, effective mentoring program led by safe, strong, caring adults, and is aligned with the mission of the Strength and Honor Foundation. 


Identify Strength and Honor Scholars.  We will identify potential Strength and Honor Scholars as children who, with the right opportunity, a strong mentor, and effective martial arts instruction, can get on a path toward lifelong success.  

Scholars often come to us from difficult home and school lives.  They also have a demonstrated financial need.  Foundation mentors and martial arts instructors, supported by the Foundation, will work directly with these children to intervene and guide them toward achievement in school, in the dojo, and in the community.

Our goal

Our goal is to teach children how to make good decisions.  The foundation of a martial arts education will build a strong body and mind.  It is a well-known fact that children can overcome any obstacle and accomplish any goal if they have the self-discipline and mental strength to say no to detrimental behavior, avoid drug and alcohol addictions, report abuse and neglect on all levels, at home and in the streets.