The Strength and Honor (S&H) program will serve as a physical fitness martial arts program and a way for our youth to learn how to channel anger in a positive and productive way. The S&H program will also be instrumental in teaching children the much-needed social skills that many children lack due to their environment and/or lack of parental involvement. In addition to martial arts instruction, the S&H program will serve as a mentoring program and safe place for the children.

The S&H kids will learn about community service, and more importantly, commit to serve their community by helping the elderly (with yard work, chores, et.), clean ups in their neighbourhoods and play grounds, and any other opportunities that may present and are age appropriate. The instructor, a military veteran, and his/her assistant will organize all community outreach. We will also ask neighbouring adults and local businesses to get involved.

The S&H board of directors are very excited to be able to service highly at-risk youth and our military veteran service men and woman. There are over 720,000 unemployed veteran men and woman in the US and the S&H Foundation is committed to significantly reduce that number. There is no such program in the country that encompasses all of this in one program.

In retrospect we know that many veterans suffer from PTSD. In many cases this is due to the hardships that they had to endure while deployed. These men and women went into the service with a purpose of protecting their families and country. They felt needed. They came home wanting to feel wanted and needed again. Not only do many veterans feel unwanted or unneeded, but also they returned home unemployed and unable to support themselves and/or their families. The S&H foundation will serve our veterans in one of two ways. One, the S&H Foundation will employ veterans in the areas in which they already live with their families, or two, they will be able to relocate to a state hey wish to live in, if they chose to do so. There are needy and at risk youth everywhere.

The S&H kids will give the veterans that propose again. There is no better feeling than to be needed and wanted by a child. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence and studies that have proven that adults that find propose in their life live longer without the stress and anxieties of everyday life. There also hundreds of studies that prove that a positive role model and mentor in a child’s life increases the child’s overall performance in school, decreases the likelihood he/she will use drugs, decreases the likelihood that he/she will perform criminal activities and decreases the likelihood he/she will seek/ engage in unhealthy relationships.